How to Play

Take control of the enemy settlement to win!


Click to select a hex, then click (or drag) to an adjacent hex.
Any unit that arrives at this hex will now begin moving to the specified hex.
In order to cancel movement, double click a selected hex.
NOTE: Once a unit has begun moving to a new destination, it is unable to change destination until it has arrived.

Resources & Territories

There are 3 resource types, each gained through control of a different hex type.
Gain control of a territory by moving a troop onto the hex.
Controlled territories grant 1 resource/second.

Troops and Upgrades

Troops cost 50 of each resource and will automatically be created at the settlement.
Each upgrade requires a specific resource and will enhance your troops stats.
Each level of upgrade requires additional resources and more time to complete.
Attack increases your troops damage output.
Defense requires Iron and deceases damage sustained.
Upgrading Speed requires Wheat and increases troop movement speed.


Only 25 units in a troop can battle at a time.
A troop will attack only the first enemy troop that it comes into contact with.
Attack enemies with multiple troops in order to deal more damage.