How to Play

Take control of the enemy settlement to win!


Move Orders

Drag between two tiles to place a Move Order (shown by an arrow).
Any unit that arrives at the first tile will now follow the Move Order to the next tile.
In order to cancel a move, double-click or right-click a tile with a Move Order.


When a unit arrives at a neutral or enemy tile, it must capture the tile before continuing.
If the tile is owned by the enemy, it will take twice as long to capture.
The strength of the unit does not affect the rate of capture.


When units of the same type arrive at the same location, they will automatically merge to form a single troop.
Merged units deal more damage than single units but do not capture or build any faster.
It is generally better to have many small troops than one large troop.



There are 3 primary resource types: Wood, Iron, and Wheat.
Gold, a 4th resource, is a wildcard and will automatically be used in place of the lacking resource.


Resources are gained through controlled resource tiles.
Controlled resource tiles will provide a steady stream of resources.
Your current stock and income (per minute) of each resource is displayed in the top-left of the screen.


As your kingdom expands, each additional resource tile that you control (excluding Gold) will have less impact on your income.
Each new tile that you capture will produce 5% less than the previous tile of that type.
Gold tiles will always provide 60 gold per minute.


Facilities (Sawmill/Foundry/Windmill) can be built on resource tiles to improve their income.
Each facility will provide an additional 60 resources per minute once completed.
There is no facility for Gold tiles.



Units are produced automatically when enough resources are available.
When a unit is selected to be produced, it will be added to the end of the production queue.
Items in the queue can be cancelled by clicking the icon in the queue.
The last unit selected will continue to be produced once the queue is empty.

Spawn Location

Units will spawn at your selected spawn location (shown by a flag).
Valid spawn tiles are Settlements and tiles with a Training Grounds building.
The spawn location can be changed by selecting a valid spawn tile and clicking the Spawn button.
If your current spawn tile becomes invalid (control lost or building destroyed), your spawn location will be moved back to your home Settlement


Unit stats can be seen by hovering over their icon.
Besides cost, the following stats are shown:

Attack Damage
Attack Cooldown



Buildings can be created on any controlled tile without an existing building.
Each building type can only be built on certain tiles.
The different buildings can be found in the Glossary.


When a tile is selected, available buildings will be shown on the left.
Production will be queued and a building "ghost" will be displayed.
Once enough resources are gathered, the building will be placed under construction.


After a building is placed, it must still be constructed by units stationed on the tile.
Buildings start with full health but can not attack and do not provide any bonuses until construction is completed.
Resources are not refunded if a building is destroyed while under construction.



Upgrades apply to all of your units and can be researched after building a Blacksmith.

+15% Attack per level
+2 Defence per level
+15% Speed per level.


The Blacksmith can only be built on Field tiles.
Once completed, each Blacksmith will unlock the next level of upgrades to be researched.


Upgrades are purchased in the top-right. Selecting an available upgrade will add it to your production queue.
Once purchased, it will take time to research. A progress bar is displayed over the icon.
Multiple upgrades can be queued but only a single upgrade can be researched at a time.



When an enemy unit comes within range of a unit, it will stop its current action and enter combat.
If engaged with multiple enemies, a troop will always attack the first enemy that it came into contact with.
Only 25 units in a troop can battle at a time.


If additional troops engage a troop that is already in combat, they gain a flanking bonus of +25% damage.
Attack enemies from multiple directions or different unit types in order to gain a flanking bonus.


If a troop is in an unfavorable battle, they can retreat away from their attackers.
Double-click the unit flag in order to retreat away from the attacking unit.