How to Play

Take control of the enemy settlement to win!


Click to select a hex, then click (or drag) to an adjacent hex.
Any unit that arrives at this hex will now follow the arrow to the next hex.
Note: In order to cancel a move, double click a selected hex.

Once the unit has reached the target, it will begin taking control of the tile.
Once it has taken full control of the tile, it will begin moving to the next destination.
Additional units on a tile do not take control any faster than a single unit.


If you would like to change a unit's orders, or remove them from an unfavorable battle, they can retreat.
Select the unit by clicking on their flag, then click the 'Retreat' button.
The unit will return back to the tile that they started moving from, or in the opposite direction of the unit they are attacking.

Resources & Territories

There are 3 primary resource types: Wood, Iron, and Wheat.
Gold, a 4th resource, can be used in place of any of the 3 primary resources.
Each resource is gained through control of a different tile type.
Gain control of a territory by moving a unit onto the hex.


As your kingdom expands, each additional territory that you control (excluding Gold) will have less of an impact on your income.
Each new territory that you gain will only produce 95% of the previous tile of that type.


Upgrades can be researched in the top-right corner once enough resources are aquired.
Each upgrade requires a specific resource and will enhance your troops stats.
Each level of upgrade requires additional resources and more time to complete.
Attack requires Wood and increases damage output.
Defense requires Iron and deceases damage sustained.
Speed requires Wheat and increases troop movement speed.

Units & Buildings

Unit production can be toggled on/off with the unit selection button in the bottom-left corner.
Units will automatically be created at the settlement once enough resources are collected.
Buildings can be created on any controlled tile (except for settlements).
Once the tile is selected, available buildings for that tile will be highlighted.
After selecting the building, the tile will become highlighted green, and the building will be produced once enough resources are available.


Only 25 units in an army can battle at a time.
An army will attack only the first enemy army that it comes into contact with.
Attack enemies with multiple armies in order to gain a flanking bonus of +25% damage.