Upcoming Features

After each game, you have the option to vote on a random community-suggested feature.
The most popular features will be implemented into the next update.
Here you can browse the current list of suggested features, or add your own feature suggestion

  • 9
    At the end of each match, give players a 'rematch' option, in which they challenge their opponent to another match on the exact same map.
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  • 8
    Adjust the movement system to give units the ability to retreat.

    A unit will stop if the tile that it has begun to move towards has an arrow pointing back towards where the unit began the movement. If the tile that the unit began from no longer has an arrow pointing towards the unit's target tile, then the unit will retreat back to its initial tile.
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  • 4
    Reduced Upgrade Impact
    Reduce the amount that upgrades increase unit stats to +15% per level, down from +20%.
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  • 4
    Different map sizes
    Give the option to select map size:
    Small: 8x8
    Medium: 10x10
    Large: 12x12

    (Will require camera zooming/panning to be implemented)
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  • 1
    Map Vetoing
    At the start of the match, give both players 10 seconds to veto the map and generate a new map. The second generated map will automatically be used afterwards.

    This gives players the option to avoid playing on poorly generated maps that they do not enjoy, such as maps with only 1 path of attack.
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  • 1
    New Unit: Archer
    The archer is a ranged unit that has low health, low damage, and slow speed, but can attack from a tile away, forcing the enemy to come to you.


    ATK: 7
    DEF: 0
    SPD: 10
    HP: 100
    RANGE: 100
    COST: 75/50/75

    For comparison, the standard infantry unit is:

    ATK: 10
    DEF: 0
    SPD: 15
    HP: 200
    RANGE: 50
    COST: 50/50/50
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  • 1
    New Building: Production facilities (woodcutter/foundry/windmilll)
    Built on wood/iron/wheat tiles, increases the production of that resource by 1.

    Cost: 0 of the tiles resource, 75 of each of the other resources. (e.g. woodcutter costs 0/75/75)
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  • 1
    Variable resource tile distribution
    Currently there are always 16 each of wood/iron/wheat, 8 water, and 6 field tiles in each map generated. This would randomize the tile distribution in each map, requiring different strategies and playstyles.
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  • 0
    New Building: Blacksmith
    Upgrades are now researched at the blacksmith. The blacksmith needs to be levelled up in order to research the next level of upgrades (LVL 2 blacksmith unlocks LVL 2 attack/defence/speed) but upgrades still cost the same.

    Built on a field tile.

    Cost: 75/75/75
    Health: 500
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  • -1
    New Unit: Cavalry
    The Cavalry unit moves quickly and gets a charging bonus when initially entering battle (first attack does x4 damage). They are, however, unable to take control of territories.

    ATK: 15
    DEF: 1
    SPD: 25
    HP: 250
    RANGE: 25
    COST: 100/100/150
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