Upcoming Features

After each game, you have the option to vote on a random community-suggested feature.
The most popular features will be implemented into the next update.
Here you can browse the current list of suggested features, or add your own feature suggestion

  • 27
    New Building: Walls
    A building to simply absorb damage. Can be built on any tile (including tiles with buildings) and will be attacked before any buildings or units stationed on the tile.

    Cost: 50 / 50 / 50
    Defence: 2
    Health: 500
    Build Time: 5s

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  • 25
    New Game Mode: King of the hill
    Players/Teams battle to be in sole control of a group of tiles in the center of the map. The first team to control the center for a certain amount of time wins.
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  • 23
    Single Player Campaign
    A campaign mode where you start with only light-infantry available and can unlock additional units, buildings, and upgrades with resources earned by conquering islands.
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  • 18
    A tutorial
    A simple interactive guide to flesh out the controls and also some basic strategies. It would also be great to flesh out the lore.
    this would be helpful to learn the game mechanics as well.
    It's a little tricky to implement since most of the game logic happens server-side but it'll definitely get added at some point! How popular this suggestion is will determine its priority :)
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  • 16
    Fog of War
    Create a fog of war that allows units to only see enemy units that are 2 tiles away, and buildings to see 3.
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  • 15
    I think that a crossbowman unit should be added it would be like the the archer but longer range and slower speed
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  • 14
    New Unit: Scout
    Fast and cheap, but pretty useless in a fight, good for taking control of territories.

    Unit stats:
    ATK: 5
    DEF: 0
    SPD: 20
    HP: 100
    RANGE: 25
    COST: 30/30/30
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  • 14
    Add factions with unique mechanics/troops which players select before the game starts.

    These factions are TBD and will be discussed/voted on upon approval of this feature.
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  • 13
    Settlements become buildings
    The players starting settlements are buildings which must be destroyed instead of taken over in order to win the game.

    Health: 1000
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  • 12
    Dynamic Balancing
    At the end of each game, a random stat from any unit/building/upgrade is selected for the player to vote on. The player selects whether it should be increased, decreased, or remain the same. This stat is then changed (very slightly) globally for all players and all games in the future.
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