Upcoming Features

After each game, you have the option to vote on a random community-suggested feature.
The most popular features will be implemented into the next update.
Here you can browse the current list of suggested features, or add your own feature suggestion

  • 11
    New Feature: Zoom-in and out
    Players will be able to zoom in and watch their units in battle.
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  • 8
    New Unit: Sapper
    Pretty similar to your standard light infantry unit, although not quite as good in a battle. The main difference is that the Sapper can swim across water to get around defences and set up flank attacks.


    ATK: 10
    DEF: 0
    SPD: 15
    HP: 150
    RANGE: 75
    COST: 60/50/75
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  • 7
    not to be confused with upgrades already in game but can upgrade a unit to another unit. Example : archer to crossbowman or pikemen to halberdiers
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  • 6
    Fog of War Option
    This would be enable-able and disable-able before a game.
    This would allow you only to see the tiles directly touching your land
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  • 4
    Half of the units remain in place while other moves to the next hex!
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  • 3
    Speed changer
    please add a speed changer that change speed to x0.5 ,x1, x2 , x3 . It would be very useful.
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  • 2
    Mechanic Change: Standard RTS Movement
    Change the way units are controlled to a more traditional RTS method:

    Units are selected and given a destination/target.

    If another friendly unit is the target, they will still merge.

    Buildings have rally points where units will be initially sent to.
    The way game does troop movement now adds a curtain charm to it, I like it
    I like it too but it seems to be a little confusing at first for some people.
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  • -1
    Mechanic change: Recruitment time
    Adjust the production to a more 'traditional' RTS approach.

    Once enough resources are gathered, The player selects the unit they want to produce next, and it takes some time to produce.

    Units can be queued to automatically start training once it is their turn.
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  • -3
    New Unit: Ballista
    A siege unit that does extra damage against buildings.

    Requires time to set-up before movement and attacking.

    +50% against buildings

    Unit stats:
    ATK: 50
    DEF: 0
    SPD: 9
    HP: 250
    RANGE: 125
    SET-UP: 2
    COST: 100/75/50
    Yes please *cough* catapult spam *cough*
    Trebuchet spam is already a viable strategy ;)
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  • -4
    New Unit: Assassin
    A quick unit with low health and fast attack speed. Gains an additional 25% flanking bonus.

    Can't take control of territories.

    Unit stats:
    ATK: 10
    DEF: 0
    SPD: 25
    HP: 100
    RANGE: 50
    COOLDOWN: 0.5
    COST: 50/50/85

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