Upcoming Features

After each game, you have the option to vote on a random community-suggested feature.
The most popular features will be implemented into the next update.
Here you can browse the current list of suggested features, or add your own feature suggestion

  • -14
    New Unit: Prince
    A very powerful and expensive "hero" unit.

    Each player may only own 1 at a time.

    Unit stats:
    ATK: 50
    DEF: 5
    SPD: 20
    HP: 1000
    RANGE: 75
    COOLDOWN: 0.75
    COST: 200/200/200
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  • -22
    Mechanic change: Workers
    Resources are no longer harvested automatically but are instead harvested by workers.

    - can only harvest resource tiles under your control.

    - only 1 worker can harvest a tile at a time

    - walk to a resource, gather resources, then walk back.

    - can be manually assigned or automatically based on required resources.

    - automatically retreat if enemy enters their tile (cannot be attacked)

    Cost: 20/20/20
    Speed: 20
    Gathering rate: 2 res/sec
    Capacity: 20
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